Your Essential Guide to Find the Best Restaurant Suppliers

Posted On March 8, 2024

When you start a restaurant in your city, there are certain basic principles that you need to follow. Serving healthy and quality food is the first and foremost thing you should consider before opening your restaurant. In a recent study, consumers have pointed out their statement and it says most of them would pick one restaurant over another for the simple reason that it serves locally-sourced food. May be this is one among many reasons. However, the products you choose to use in your restaurants also matter, and here comes the significance of the much-needed restaurant suppliers. So, why do you need restaurant suppliers?

While running a business, everything you consume comes from somewhere else. You are not building your own chairs and tables. And you are not creating a menu with only items that you can grow yourself. Restaurant Suppliers are an integral part of your operations since that sector covers just about every aspect of your business. Chances are there for a substantial loss if you’re not properly equipped with what you really need.

Today, it’s a matter of concern for restaurateurs to source high-quality food supplies and also to find the best quality suppliers for their restaurants. Keep reading the blog. Maybe, we have got you covered.

To begin with, do your research. You can google to find out the best restaurant suppliers. Since a restaurant, you might be asking for your basic, or most common items such as a stainless-steel ice machine, convection oven, pizza oven or miscellaneous small wares. All these would be available at fair prices and this internet search would help you get an idea on some of the essential objects you’ll need to buy, as well as the costs you are expected to pay.


It is also advised to do local research for any restaurant supply stores near you that you can check out in person and fix the deal. If you want to reduce the cost even more, then you can think about considering pre-owned items, especially for large purchases like refrigeration or ovens. That could be possible if there are any local restaurants that have closed recently. Try to find out the owner and talk in person and close the deal.

Few things you need to consider while choosing a good restaurant supplier include

  • Price Point
  • Product Quality
  • Delivery
  • Time Taken for Delivery

Let’s take a glance at commercial restaurant equipment supplies you’ll need to consider

Kitchen, cooking utensils, and appliances

Kitchen equipment comes first and it includes fridges, freezers, dishwasher, condensation hoods, heat lamps, soda fountains, espresso machines and ice machines.

Cooking equipment stoves, kilns, heats, grills, barbeques, frying pans, pasta cookers, immersion cookers, steamers and broilers. Make sure all these are securely placed.

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Food storage and work surfaces

Food storage space is important and, in that list, you should include cold and stem food tables, countertop products like warmers, freezer, cooler and more.

Cooking accessories including knives, spoons, forceps, heat containers, spatulas, brushes and ladles should be considered.

Serving ware and paper products

Serving tasty and quality food should be the prime concern for a restaurant and here comes chinaware, buffet ware, flatware, dishes, naperies, glasses, mats and table covers, and paper products, including napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Bar Products

Bar items include glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses, sticks, shot glasses, fruit containers, mixers, garnishers, taps and keg space, liquor shelves and more.


Chairs, tables, bar furniture, stands, and booths are required for front-of-the-house furnishing. For further décor, trendy shades of paints, wallpaper, and carpeting are required. Please keep in mind that the window treatments should be perfect.

Among all these, there are a few miscellaneous products including plumbing and associated hardware, like sinks and toilets, coat racks, garbage cans, wipes and cleaning supplies, step stools, rags and buckets are also required.

When it comes to food suppliers, you should be careful as food is something you’ll have to buy frequently. If you really want your restaurant to succeed, serve pretty good food and beverages. Customers pay you their hard-earned money and you better make sure it’s worth it. Or else, you will lose them. In order to serve quality food, you have to find the best vendors. See the list of vendors you need to consider

  • Meat Vendors
  • Seafood Vendors
  • Fruit Vendors
  • Vegetable Vendors
  • Baked Good Vendors
  • Beer Vendors
  • Wine Vendors
  • Alcohol Vendors

Take a quick glance at all the above things and set your budget. When setting your budget, here are a few points to take into consideration.

  • Supporting staff, servers, managers, cooks, bartenders, dishwashers and bussers
  • Salary of the employees, additional benefits you may be obligated to pay by law like insurance
  • Service trends including online food ordering
  • Shop rent, utilities and other overhead expenses
  • Supply deliveries, like food and paper products
  • Kitchen equipment and furniture


Since food is the most important aspect of a restaurant, take your own time to find trustworthy partners. Traditional and online suppliers are there and if you need to take an opinion, you can do it also. Think, think and think before getting started. Put your best effort to shape great connections with your restaurant suppliers.